Want healthcare with a personal touch?

Maecenas Health Systems can help.

Maecenas Health Systems is a comprehensive health service provider offering physician directed healthcare services either in a clinic setting or in the comfort of a patient's own home.

With its wide range of patient-centered healthcare services, Maecenas Health Systems provides patient evaluation and treatment by well-trained healthcare professionals.


Maecenas offers a patient-centered approach to medical care.

Maecenas is unique

Comprised of caring, passionate, and well-trained healthcare professionals, Maecenas Health Systems cares about its patients, allowing them to be actively involved in their own care. High priority is placed on sharing and reviewing medical information with patients, including lab results, medical charts, imaging studies, and other medical records.

Maecenas offers a patient-centered approach to medical care.

" The doctor and his medical assistant are always kind and courteous whenever they visit. They make me feel like family instead of just a patient."
Maecenas is Unique
Tammy k.
Maecenas is comprehensive

Under the care of a doctor from Maecenas Health Systems, patients receive thorough assessments, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment and management of acute or chronic illnesses.

Maecenas offers the following services to its patients:

" My father has seen multiple doctors, and NONE of them could control his blood sugar until NOW. I am beyond impressed with the doctor's medical knowledge and his dedication to my father's wellbeing. "
Maecenas is Comprehensive
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Maecenas is safe

The physicians, nurses, and administrative staff at Maecenas Health Systems respect patient's privacy and are 100% adherent to HIPAA laws and regulations. Confidential patient information is never shared with any third party entity without the express consent of the patient.